Our Story

Located in the Iowa River Landing, Marquee Pizzeria & Bar is inspired by the gathering of family and friends.  With that idea we are creating an upbeat and communal dining experience centered on honest, thoughtfully sourced food.

It wasn't random that we decided to focus on pizza.  Inspired by some of our favorite experiences in restaurants, we decided we wanted our place to primarily concentrate on not only food but fun.  We don’t know about you but eating with your friends pizza party style sounds like a great time to us.  While our made in Modena, Italy brick oven is the heart of the menu, we also offer appetizers, salads, sandwiches & entrees.  Combined with an inviting bar, shaking up cocktails and pouring beers until the early morning, we think we have an atmosphere you won't want to leave.  Come for the pizza, stay for the fun.